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By: Mike | July 08, 2016

You might think that all kitchen suppliers are the same... whether it's Wren, Howdens, Wickes, B&Q or an independent retailer; surely the doors are the same?  

Let me start by saying: NO!

Firstly, there are a few different types of gloss kitchen doors;

  1. Vinyl Wrapped / Foil / PVC / PET Kitchen Doors
  2. Acrylic Kitchen Doors
  3. Lacquered Kitchen Doors (or Painted)

Unfortunately customers are not always explained that there are differences between these types of doors, and the larger kitchen retailers tend to all stock and sell the cheap, low end and poor quality Vinyl Wrapped or foil gloss doors.  

Let me explain why you should be looking at Acrylic or Lacqured Kitchen doors instead of poor quality vinyl doors.

Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen Doors (Or Foil / PV...

By: Mike | July 06, 2016

Best Kitchen Handles, hand picked by GA Kitchens

Many of our customers find it easy to choose their cabinet, door and worktop styles and colours but find it very difficult to decide on a kitchen handle style and finish.  A lot of our competitors only provide options for around 10 common handles; we think this is criminal!  We have over 50 different kitchen handle styles and finishes to choose from and so we've picked 10 of the best to show you.

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By: Mike | June 16, 2016

A lot of prospective customers look for ideas or examples of what their new kitchen could look like online.  Searching via Google provides images and information on kitchen trends, unique design ideas, state of the art technology as well as showing colour schemes and styles.  Social media has also changed the way our customers find and research their new kitchen; Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms are used and shared amount groups of friends or colleagues.  

White Handleless Gloss Kitchen  

Often we find there are two types of people; those who know what they want, and those who don't.  For those who know what they want, online research probably begun months ago and by the time they reach us, normally via recommendation, they're reading ...