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Welcome to the new GArrett Kitchens website! It's still a work in progress, so please bare with us whilst we develop and improve the content and functionality.

Over the next few months we will be adding our core kitchen ranges, including our modern kitchen ranges as well as contemporary kitchen / classic kitchen ranges which include shaker kitchen doors.

Choosing your dream kitchen

Choosing your dream kitchen is complex process, that involves a lot of decisions. Our quick reference guide below shows a basic flow chart to making your dream kitchen a reality.

Measure Up / Room Sizes / Openings (Windows / Doors)

Design and Layout

Kitchen Doors - Style, Material and Colour

Cabinet / Carcasses - Colour and finish (normally to match your door colour)

Worktops - Colour, Material and Style

Storage Solutions - Wirework, pull outs, baskets, bins, etc

Appliances - Ovens, hobs, waste disposal, sink, tap etc

Lighting - Plinth lighting, under cupboard, over cupboard, inside cupboard, sensor etc.

Cheap white gloss kitchens
White Gloss Handleless Kitchen
Wood Kitchens
Traditional Oak Shaker Kitchen